Friday, November 19, 2010

Some quick links: twinkies, epilepsy & fish oil.

Just wanted to share a few links that I found interesting this week.

The Twinkie diet has been causing a stir lately. Stephan Guyent at Whole Health Source takes it apart in this blog post. I hope this nutrition professor thinks his 15 minutes of fame is worth the potential damage he has caused to his field while adding ZERO value to the discussion.

This New York Times article about ketogenic diets as a cure for epilepsy, makes a lot of sense to me. The brain is made up of fat. Feed it fat and it heals. I'd argue that the majority of neurological disorders stem from the low-fat movement. I think it's awesome that the medical community is opening their eyes to treatments like this but I still find it a bit annoying that they continue to think kids will blow up like fat-filled balloons and their hearts will stop. One step at a time, right? Maybe some day they will wake up and smell the bacon.

This excellent blog post at The Healthy Skeptic on excessive fish oil consumption has me rethinking my daily intake. I think omega 3's are can be can be very beneficial, especially for those with some serious metabolic issues, to get things back on track, however, it appears taking a high dosage long term is not a good idea. I had been taking up to 4 grams of EPA and DHA per day, but maybe just some wild caught fish a couple meals a week and a spoonful of cod liver oil each day will do it for now on.

What do you think? Post your thoughts to comments.

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